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Galina Nemirovsky profile image

Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Galina defected to New York City at age 4 with her family in the 1979 wave of Russian-Jewish immigration. This dramatic transition has apparently left her with an eternal quest for a sense of belonging and a perpetual cultural identity crisis.

She spent her adolescence trapped in a Russian immigrant coming of age story amongst vodka and donuts in her family’s dinette in Staten Island. After receiving a Journalism degree from New York University she spent a decade in the falsely glamorized world of New York City advertising agencies.

After a traditional life course of marriage, kids and a corporate job all before 30, Life 2.0 awakened a new direction with Divorce, co-parenting and new love. Galina started Hearts Everywhere in 2008 as a blog where she documented the stories life was transcribing; chasing the American Dream of life, love and pursuit of happiness.

Galina has dedicated 2016 to her 365 Project: Life Clubs where she is writing an autobiographical essay a day on her blog: