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As President and Founder of Corporate Class Inc., for 30+ years I've been mentoring North America’s business professionals, Fortune 500 companies & multinationals about executive presence, business etiquette & image.

My distinct value is my ability to deliver compelling solutions in a dynamic, engaging and inspiring communication style.

While providing customized training aligned with organizational goals, my System, has been recognized as “the gold standard for corporate training,” facilitating employee advancement at every stage of corporate life. The focus is to ensure key employees and leaders – from new recruits to C-suite executives – achieve their optimum potential.

My definition of Executive Presence is clear and precise; “It is more than ‘business etiquette,’ or learning to look and act the part. It is far more than appearance, skills, ability and talent. Executive Presence is a powerful mix combining leadership, mastery of communication and engagement expertise that leads to continuous upward mobility.” The core of my System is my conviction: Executive Presence: Neither Exclusive nor Elusive. You can have it - you can become it!™

In 2011, Corporate Class Inc. launched the Executive Presence System Licensee Program

In 2013, I began an association with Bob Proctor as a member of his panel of experts during Matrixx Events, presented by the Proctor Gallagher Institute. I maintain an intensive schedule of presentations and I am a frequent speaker at national business meetings and conferences. 

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