Diane Burroughs

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Welcome to Leftat50.  My name is Diane Burroughs and my 24-year relationship ended when I was Cheated On and Left the year I turned 50.  As painful as that was, I knew I was not alone.  And I needed to reach out to all the other strong, beautiful women that I knew were out there.  Women who REALLY UNDERSTOOD, what starting your life over at 50 meant.

I just know we all are ready to put the past heartache far behind us.  To forge a path of New Self Discovery.  To feel the  joy that comes from building a life of our own making. (For once!)  This is my new Life Dream!

So, I invite ALL of you to share your Thoughts, Fears, Hopes and Desires.  To stop dwelling on the What-Might-Have-Beens.  Let’s let go of all the negative emotions.  Let’s put an end to the Not-Feeling Good Enough.  Let’s share the Hurt and Let Go of the Pain.   And you don’t have to mince words – We don’t have time for that!    I’m reaching out to you.  I know you will reach back.

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