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Cyndi N/A

Cyndi is 40-ish and will swear to God  she doesn't look it. She is a reformed pastor's wife now married to Hot IT Guy John, total soulmate, (but she's not entirely sure what he even does). Mom of two organically grown children, she also has three bonus drama machines and a couple of angel babies who, she suspects, saw the sibling chaos to come and said, "Nope, I'm gonna stay right here". She has packed a lot weirdness into 40 years, most of which comes from working as an ER Nurse, a Psychiatric Tech, an Autopsy Assistant and a Trauma Researcher.  As you can see, she's totally outgoing on paper/the "net", but is a total introvert so will stay right here. Please don't ask her to talk out loud or approach her because it makes her get sweaty and weird. But do, totally, contact her here.