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I've always been passionate about writing. My childhood was largely spent running barefoot with my two brothers and boy cousins. Yet within the plastered walls of my childhood home, life was mysterious and complicatedMy active imagination provided a colorful escape when dark times prevailed. Writing was my release. 




I spent hours drafting concepts for commercials and skits. And a few more facilitating full-on productions starring my brothers and cousins. By second grade, I'd written my first very short story entitled Three Blind Roaches (a complete plagiarism of Three Blind Mice). While my mother lamented the subject matter my second grade teacher, Mrs. Heaviside, felt my work had merit. I wrote what I knew.




My circumstances have since evolved and the dark times are few and far between. Between White Plains, a suburb of New York City where I grew up, small trips out of town followed by grander trips to France, the mysteries of life began to unfold. I discovered I am the woman happiest to listen and observe. Over time, I began crafting my observations into life-size stories. 




Since taking that initial trip to France, I dream of occupying a chateau in its remote countryside. The immersive experience refocused my outlook on life and defined my place in the world. But while a chateau in France is the dream, Brooklyn Chateau is home to my storied life.