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Hi, all!

Thank you for visiting my blog! If you’re here, I suspect that you, like me, are constantly hunting for fun and delicious recipes. Meal planning can be challenging, and if you’ve got food allergies in your house the simple question of ‘What’s for Dinner?’ can be quite intimidating. When my husband was diagnosed with a nightshade allergy after years of food frustration, I scoured the net, desperately searching for any possible recipes that would be delicious and nutritious. Honestly, some days I just want food that will satisfy my cravings for spaghetti with piles of marinara sauce!

What I found was… disappointing. And still is. I spend hours scrolling through the many “10 Best Freezer Crockpot Meals” (all of which look mouthwateringly amazing) on Pinterest in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, there is one in there that is nightshade-free. There are only few helpful blogs out there (thank you Paleo Diet!), as opposed to the many blogs and restaurant options dedicated to other food sensitivities and dietary preferences. Vegetarian? Here’s your own restaurant. Lactose intolerant? No problem, we even made you your own milk! Have Celiac Disease? Voila, a gluten-free menu! Mention that you’re allergic to peppers, and ask if the chef adds any red pepper flakes to the white pizza, and the waiter looks at you like you have three heads. You spend the rest of meal watching the one you love eat Schrodinger’s pizza (it both has and does not have peppers) with bated breath, wondering if maybe you shouldn’t have just stayed home where you have a little more control.

With the wealth of amazing recipes out there it’s still difficult to find ones that are completely nightshade-free, without sacrificing texture and flavor. I’m sorry, but ‘just leave out the potatoes!’ is not good enough for me. I’m searching for recipes that are whole unto themselves. I don’t want something to satisfy an old craving, I want to create a new one.

Running an allergen-free kitchen is challenging at the best of times, and I welcome you to join me on my quest for delicious food. I’m not an expert, scientist or a trained chef, I just have a passion for good food and good company. I promise to bring you delicious recipes that are worry free, and perhaps a laugh and some commiseration along the way. Enjoy your stay!

xo Cristina

I’m a nomadic Nova Scotian who is living the Nightshade Free life on the road. Due to my husband’s current schooling endeavours, we are constantly moving, from the Caribbean to Canada to the United States. Life is an adventure! My passions include writing, cooking, quilting and reading. Oh, and chocolate! Always chocolate.