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Chimére L. Smith

Chimére L. Smith is an award-winning middle school teacher in Baltimore who since June 2020, has acted as a writer, thought leader, and media and guest panelist on international and national platforms, using her voice and personal experiences to bring awareness to the economical, psychological, and physical devastation of Long Covid (or PASC) on urban communities.
Noted as one of the first Black women to publicly speak about her Long Covid experience, Chimére has shared her story on PBS, MSNBC, CBS, CNN, The New York Times, and The Washington Post. Coined as “passionate” by state and local government officials, she was personally chosen to testify before Congress, offering a greater awareness on the often-overlooked plight of Black, disabled, and low-income women in America.
Today, Chimére serves as a guest speaker, moderator, and writer for health and social organizations who seek a unique, independent, and diverse presence to educate and encourage other minority Long Covid sufferers. She is a board member of Body Politic and a featured writer in the Huffington Post.