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Cecily Kellogg

Best known for her popular blog Uppercase Woman and her flamboyant presence on Twitter, Cecily entertains tens of thousands on a daily basis. Famous for her raw tone and humor, Cecily is a popular speaker and writer. Cecily has been named by Babble as one of the Top 50 Twitter Moms and has recently discovered her tweets can occasionally create a butterfly effect (just ask Amazon). Cecily is sober, liberal, unapologetic about being fat, happily married, mom to a fierce and amazing daughter, and is inordinately fond of dogs and cats. Cecily is an editor at Aiming Low, a site that celebrates avoiding perfection. Cecily creates web content and SEO content, helps companies navigate the momosphere, and dabbles in graphic design making media kits for bloggers. She currently is spending each day practicing being kind while swearing with raw abandon.