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Carolyn Stalnaker

A Jersey girl through and through, Carolyn grew up spending her summers down in Avalon, NJ. As a young girl, she often cooked alongside her mother and grandmother, whose seafood creations instilled a true passion for fresh, local produce and fish. As a teenager, Carolyn's summer jobs would always find her in a seaside deli or restaurant, whipping up food for tourists and locals alike. She met her husband while attending Penn State University, where their first date revolved around finding and buying the perfect rice cooker. She went back to her dorm room that night knowing that he was the one! After working for a major publishing company in New York City and then five years in pharmaceutical sales, Carolyn became a stay at home mom with two young children, Anna, 6 and Gregory, 4. After her husband's best friend convinced her to start a blog, Kitchen Snaps was born.