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Brooke Herron

I’m a 14 year wine industry veteran who fell in love with the wine industry the moment I walked into it in 2001 (when I was 21 years old). I spent my first eight years in the industry, living in beautiful places, doing creative work, and surrounded by wonderful people, wine, and food.

Later in my career, as I moved away from working directly with wineries (and into what we call the ‘wholesale’ or sales and distribution management world), I found that I quickly lost my passion.  Although I was savvy at my job and I continued to move forwards in this area of the industry, my heart wasn’t in it.

While I was using a lot of skills that were perceived as valuable to those around me, I wasn’t tapping the abilities I truly shine at and enjoy using. I was busy doing the job that I had, instead of putting my energy towards getting out and getting the job I wanted.   I felt stuck and unable to change my situation.

I thought about the last time I had felt truly inspired, free, and happy. It was the last time I had traveled alone. I had felt empowered. I navigated problems with ease, met people everywhere, and was in my element. Planning things, exploring, making connections…. and seeing new, beautiful places. It was the perfect environment for motivation and new beginnings.

I figured it was now or never. A change had to be made. So I took the leap. I quit my job, sold all of my stuff, took my life savings and went to Europe, with the intent of working my way back home and towards a better future, while building up a business, a blog ( ), and my marketing skills. 

Currently, you can find me on the road in Europe, where I've been traveling for about a year, using a variety of methods to keep my costs very low ($1200-$1800/month )(without ever doing things like staying in hostels!). I'll soon be moving back into full time salaried work, and can't wait to be traveling on less of a budget soon!