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Beth Feldman

I am a former TV Network executive who jumped off the corporate ladder nearly eight years ago and never looked back.  Well, maybe I've looked a few times but I still have been staying the course, as founder of, an online community and events company  for today's busy parents.  I'm also the co-founder of BeyondPR Group, a full service lifestyle public relations agency with clients ranging from hit TV shows, best selling authors, fashion gurus, designers, and even innovative products for pets!  In my spare time, I'm a mom to two incredible teens - one who is 16 and starting her first full time retail job this summer in the Hamptons (rough life). My son is 13 and still dreams of becoming a professional baseball player or a magician if things don't work out in his favor.  Our home wouldn't be complete without our two cats, Jasper and Hazel, our bearded dragon, Guapo and the baby of the family, Santana, an adorable two year old mixed breed rescue dog who we shower with kisses every single day.  I'm also married to a really cute guy who I fell in love with at first site back in my 20's and who recently ditched his finance job to start a sports business for kids called A-Game Sports.   We're both pursuing our passion and don't sleep much but that's okay - as long as we have each other, wine and Movies and TV on Demand, we are pretty much set for life.