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I'm the creator of WORK BIGGER, an immersive eight to 12-week part-coaching, part-strategy program that helps young professionals find and lead with their missions in every aspect of the job search. The program guides professionals on finding their key driver, then provides them with strategies on building a personal brand, developing authentic connections, learning to negotiate with confidence and more.
I'm redefining what we call work on and working to empower professionals to think bigger about our work lives. How can we work from our most creative place and make our work, our life's work?
I manage business development activities at the Associated Press where I launch new partnerships in digital publishing, digital audio, big data, social media, UGC, among others. I'm on the Board of the Newhouse 44, the Syracuse University alumni group and am currently building the mentorship program for seniors and juniors. 
I live in Hoboken, NJ with my husband and son. Traveling, reading and enjoying good wine with great friends are my hobbies.