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Angie Golish

I'm Miss Angie, a hippie at heart and hula-hooper based out of Salt Lake City.  In my free time I blog, craft, spend time with my loved ones, and volunteer with rescue animals.  I also sell handmade items in my Etsy shop.

My So-Called Chaos chronicles my life as a single twenty-something girl living my daily life.  I talk a lot about emotions and matters of the heart such as dating or falling in love, but I also talk about the parties I throw, the trips I take, things I love, and the people in my life.

When it comes to crafting and selling things in my Etsy shop I don't really have a theme.  Usually I am making jewelry or crocheting something, but occasionally other crafts or projects will strike my fancy and I'll add them to the shop as well.  I also like to paint and sketch to create art, sew, make cards/bookmarks, and my next project is going to be bookbinding.

The rescue I work with is called Cause for Paws Utah.  We are a small donation based rescue that saves animals from death row in Shelters.  Mostly it is local to Utah, but occasionally we pull from other shelters in nearby states.  We also network all shelter animals in the states (even if we can't pull them or save them directly) in order to give them all a fighting chance at being found.