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I am a South African, living in the USA with my amazing active duty military husband. I am a photographer, vintage inspired seamstress, jewelry merchandiser, capsule wardrobe fan, and traditional witch. Not a Wiccan.  I love animals,  wild landscapes, the stars and the moon. I love winter, snow, ice and cold. I have a great affinity for Crows - I love shiny things! 

I write, I love to read, I love history and languages, mythology and ancient knowledge and fact. I love science fiction, fantasy, whodunnits and interesting twists. I delve into genetics, physics and biology. I learn as I go. Herbs and plants are top on my list of things to Know About.

I dress comfortably, but nicely. I'm no slob. My tomboy exterior hides a passion for jewelry and fashion that I never really had a chance to express before. I walk my dogs. I run. I make awesome food. I give my husband my full attention. He's worth it. 

I watch people, and things, and I find patterns. I'm a listener, not much for talking, but my mind can be very loud.

I find inspiration in Scandinavia, and the Celts. I follow the cunning path, the hedge witch way. I'm quiet, introverted, but that doesn't mean I'm weak and that I don't have an opinion. I stand for a lot of things, I fight for them too.