Bunny Cake Pops

Learn to make some delicious and cute bunny cake pops with this SheKnows food how-to! Ingredients: Boxed baked cake Marshmallow cream White candy melts Lollipop sticks Candy corn Heart sprinkles Edible food marker Various other sprinkles Directions: 1. Start with a baked box cake 2. Crumble cake in to a bowl 3. Add marshmallow cream and mix 4. Form dough into small balls and slightly pinch one end to make a bit of a cone shape 5. Melt candy melts 6. Attach lollipop sticks with a small amount of the melted candy 7. Dip naked cake pops in to the candy melts and coat evenly 8. Attach 2 candy corn upside down to form ears 9. Attach heart sprinkle as a nose. Then using an edible food marker in pink or red, draw the bunny mouth. 10. Add candy eyes or make your own using a white or yellow circular sprinkle and drawing on eyes with edible food markers.

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