How to Make a Bento Sheep Sandwich

Learn how to make a cute bento sheep sandwich thats both fun and healthy for your kids with this SheKnows how-to! Steps: 1. Using a ring mold, cut circles out of 2 pieces of white bread. 2. With a knife, cut of a small circle with a flat side along the 'top' of where the sheeps face will be out of one of the pieces. 3. Using a smaller ring mold, cut out a slice of American cheese and a slice of ham. 4. Place cheese centered on the complete circle and then the ham on top of the cheese 5. Top with the 'cut out' piece of white bread. 6. Place the whole thing on plastic wrap and top with a piece of plastic wrap. 7. Using a glass or jar a little smaller than the sandwiches, press down on the sandwich to seal the sides. 8. Place 2 black sesame seeds for the eyes on the exposed ham face 9. Cut a small half moon shape for the ear and you can also cut out a small bow out of the cheese for a female sheep

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