Screen Print Your Own T-shirt

Make your very own t-shirt with this SheKnows how-to! Items Needed: T-shirt Fabric paint Freezer paper Other Items: Iron, exacto knife, ruler, cardboard, sponge, pencil, marker, printer paper, and plastic plate Directions: 1. Draw or print out what you want onto printer paper 2. Trace design onto non-shiny side of freezer paper with marker 3. Cut out design 4. Place piece of cardboard inside shirt to keep flat, then place design on top 5. Iron freezer paper, shiny side down, onto shirt. Leave iron in place for a few seconds, then lift, don’t drag. 6. Paint over design multiple times till it’s the color you want, not letting it dry in between. 7. Peel paper off shirt before the paint dries 8. Clean up mistakes using a wet paper towel, dabbing at areas before it dries.

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