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Swap that sip

You get up every morning at the crack of dawn to clock a serious sweat session before your a.m. meeting. You've sworn off all drive-thrus for the sake of your waistline. But despite all this work, you may not even realize the secret diet saboteur that you're sucking down at happy hour.


That's right -- your favorite cocktail is likely loaded with extra calories. So we've offered these simple swaps to help you determine which cocktails are better for your waistline than others…  and just in time for bikini season. You're welcome.

Drink this: Sangria

There are about a gazillion varieties of this traditionally Spanish red wine punch, but any way you sip it, Sangria will only set you back a mere 80-calories for a 4-ounce glass. Cheers to that!

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Not that: Frozen margarita

Ah, there's nothing like chillin' in the sun with your favorite ladies while sipping frozen margies and filling up on all the latest gossip. But each 4-ounce frozen margarita is loaded with 180 calories. That's before you get to the chips and salsa that inevitably go all too well with this poolside scenario.

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