Surprising ways to highlight your best features

As a SheKnows expert, Anna is lucky enough to test cutting-edge fitness innovations, learn about the latest runway trends and play around with all those kooky beauty products (a rubber face mask?) that may soon earn its keep in a bathroo...

Accentuate the positive

Ever see a gorgeous woman walking down the street in a scoop top dress, collarbones glistening? Highlighting your cheekbones, brow bones and even your sexy curves are mainstays in our daily routines, but what about those mysterious parts of your body that exudes fierce femininity? 

Here’s your guide to accentuating the best YOU with trendy finds and timeless tips!

Military-inspired Chemical FringeAngular shoulders

Trendy emphasis

Shoulders have been enjoying some serious attention for the past few seasons. Showing them off offers subtle sex appeal that can hardly be overdone. That's why we love shoulder jewelry by Babette Epaulette. Military-inspired Chemical Fringe ($119.20) can be worn over a cami, tube top or even a jacket for added flair.

Timeless tip

Remember that boxy "vintage" jacket you have deep in your closet? Dust it off! Its angular shape is perfect to accent strong shoulders; just pair it with a stylish top. Also look for one-shoulder, halter-style tops and puffier cap-sleeve shirts whose sheer volume balances your shoulders and makes your arms look thinner.

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