7 Ways to use ChapStick

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ChapStick ideas

Obsessed with ChapStick like we are? We’re not the only ones – Google “ChapStick addiction” to find scores of others who can’t go without this pop culture lip conditioner. But other than slathering it on your lips, and the same ol’ rubbing it onto your cuticles, what are some other more interesting ways to use ChapStick? We spoke to make-up artists and crafty gals for this compendium of never-before-published ideas!


Mix a small chunk of ChapStick – warmed on the back of your hand – with your favorite eyeshadow for a glossy and smudgy undereye liner. You may want to start with just your under eye area, since it may crease on your lid – but this combination offers a gorgeous rocker effect. Added perk? There's no powder eyeshadow drop-off on cheeks!


Makeup artist Claudette Fried has used ChapStick on the entire face to protect it from the elements when skiing and snowboarding. "It's great because it does not clog pores and gives an extra layer of protection with the cold weather," she explains. Rub ChapStick onto the tips of your fingers, warm the wax by rubbing them together and press onto face, concentrating on areas that tend to flake and dry faster, such as around the mouth and nose, as well as the apples of the cheeks and chin.


Ditch carrying full-sized hairspray, gel and wax in your purse – and take the advice of makeup artist Becca Bouchard instead. "Chapstick makes a great replacement for hair products and adds gloss and shine while taming those pesky flyaways," she suggests, "just use sparingly!"


We love Cynde Watson's tip to create custom blended lipstick. This beauty expert recommends applying ChapStick to lips, dipping your lipbrush in your favorite pink, red, berry or plum loose mineral eyeshadow and sweeping across your pout. It creates a long-lasting satin finish lip color. It's also a great way to try out a new color (hello this Fall's plum trend!) before committing to a full tube.


ChapStick provides a waxy texture that brow powder could cling to, and creates a nice sheen to the finished brow style! Rub some wax onto fingers, and then onto brow, and use the spooly end of a clean mascara wand to brush and style hairs in place. Your brow powder and style will last all day!


Craving that dewy finish but don't want to shell out $30 for a prestige cream blush? Take a tip from the pros! Celebrity Make-up Artist Andrea Fairweather Bailey recreates that look by applying powder blush to apples of cheeks, then blending ChapStick with fingers over blush with a tapping motion to blend. It will create a creamy, sheen-like effect.


Mary Beth Wood (and a few other in-a-rush-ladies) have applied ChapStick on the tips of eyelashes for shine and definition after realizing they've forgotten their mascara at home!

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