Motivation For
A Healthy Diet

It can be hard to work up the effort to eat healthfully, and this is especially true if you hang out with people who are more apt to reach for a nacho platter than a salad. The key is to find reasons why eating healthy is important to you. Here are eight ways to motivate yourself.

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1Why do you want to eat healthy?

Ask yourself this question before you start any healthy eating plan. Any reason will do: weight loss, looking better in your clothes, feeling better about your body. When you need a mental boost, come back to your answers!

2Talk to your doctor

If one of your motivations for eating healthy is to increase your well-being, sit down with your doctor. He or she will be able to give you tips and tricks to help you along your eating healthy way.

3Write everything down

So you want to eat healthy. Great! Now, write down the reasons. Find motivational quotes to inspire you to stay on course when the going gets tough. Carry that note with you so you can revisit it whenever necessary.

4Remember what healthy eating feels like

There was, at some point in your life, a time when you ate healthfully. Try to remember how good it felt when your body was fed fresh, healthy foods. Once you've been able to pinpoint a moment, dig deeper. What did your muscles feel like? Your stomach? Your heart? Use these memories as motivation.

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