Pot of Gold Brownie Bites

Bring a sweet treat to your St. Paddy's Day party by making these delicious brownie bites with this SheKnows how-to! Need: Batch of baked brownies (8x8 pan) Chocolate frosting 1 lb chocolate flavor candy coating White candy coating Gold sanding sugar Small marshmallows Rainbow striped candy 1. Crumble baked brownies in a large bowl & mix with chocolate frosting. 2. Form in to balls with one flat side and refrigerate until firm and cool. 2. Melt candy coating in a bowl in the microwave. 3. Using a skewer dip each ball in candy coating and place in the foam block. Using some melted chocolate in a piping bag with a small tip, draw pot 'design' on the side of each pot. 4. When candy coating has set, pipe a small dollop of chocolate on parchment paper and place each ball, flat side up. 5. Cut rainbow candy in to 4 inch strips. Pipe warm chocolate on the top flat side of the pots and attach one end of the rainbow. 6. Take about a half dozen mini marshmallows and squeeze them together using a little chocolate candy coating or frosting to 'glue' them together. Pipe a little white candy coating on the top part of the marshmallows and attach other side of rainbow. 7. Lastly pipe more chocolate on the top of the pot and sprinkle with gold sanding sugar.