1. Movies

    Why Godzilla is the new zombie-vampire

    The box office of the past several years has sucked in the cash with vampire and zombie flicks, reigniting our culture's imagination...
  2. Movies

    World War Z movie review: Zombies in the zeitgeist

    This must-see apocalyptic action thriller starring Brad Pitt zings with visceral terror in 3D and strikes a frightening chord in our...
  3. Cooking & Entertaining

    Zombie-inspired recipes for the return of The Walking Dead

    Are you obsessed with The Walking Dead? If so, we've created a ghastly, zombie-inspired menu for your viewing party, complete with...
  4. Movies

    Warm Bodies movie review: Love in the time of zombies

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    Just in time for Valentine’s day comes a never before imagined version of Romeo and Juliet, where romance, horror and comedy all...
  5. Movies

    How to look like a zombie: My Warm Bodies set visit makeover

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    SheKnows Correspondent Whitney English gets a horrifying makeover in Montreal on the set of February’s “zombie love story” Warm...
  6. Television

    In case of zombie apocalypse: Don't do these things

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    What if Dec. 21 is the beginning of the zombie apocalypse? Will you be prepared?
  7. Cooking & Entertaining

    Zombie gingerbread men

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    When you think of gingerbread men, you probably think of the adorable cookies that adorn your Christmas dessert platters. Well, let...
  8. Movies

    Detroit to get a World War Z -style zombie theme park?

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    The punchline of many a tasteless joke about crime and city decline, Detroit may be getting a little help from Hollywood's zombie...