zero dark thirty

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    Catch up with Oscar noms on DVD

    You’ll be able to add some heavy hitters to your Netflix queue this week, but which one should you watch first? Ladies seem to love...
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    A movie star makeover inspired by Jessica Chastain

    The nominated roles for 2013 Oscars had the actresses who play them standing in war zones, homeless, nearly drowned and fighting...
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    Real people sound off on Oscar-nominated movies

    Who decides which films are the best of the year? What does your average American think of these movies and their critical acclaim?...
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    Zero Dark Thirty lead signs on for next Planet of the Apes

    Intense actor Jason Clarke, a breakout star thanks to his role as a ruthless CIA operative in Zero Dark Thirty , is confirmed to...
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    Hansel and Gretel leave popcorn trail to No. 1 at the box office

    This reinvention of the classic Grimm fairy tale was anything but grim at the box office this weekend, but how did the other...
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    Zero Dark Thirty exclusive: Bad-a$$ Jessica Chastain

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    SheKnows has this exclusive Zero Dark Thirty clip that hasn't even hit EPK yet! We're giving you the first look.
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    Jessica Chastain holds the #1 and #2 spot at the box office!

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    This week, actress Jessica Chastain battles herself for alpha movie star at the box office. Is it just good luck, or does this...
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    Zero Dark Thirty targets weekend box office

    Sorry Gosling. The hunt for Osama Bin Laden took you out by a long shot.
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    Want to know the best time to pee during a movie?

    For those of us tiny-bladdered gals who struggled to make it through the many nearly three-hour movies this awards season, the...
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    Zero Dark Thirty movie review: Time to catch bin Laden

    Detailing the most extensive manhunt in perhaps all of history, this film is told through the eyes of a woman CIA agent, who will...
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    Ben Affleck battles Spielberg for his first DGA award

    The 65th Annual Director's Guild of America announces its nominees for Outstanding Directorial Achievement: Spielberg grabs his...
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    Meet the hot men of Zero Dark Thirty

    There's nothing more attractive than a man in uniform. The political drama Zero Dark Thirty features plenty of them thanks to its...
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    Jessica Chastain on her role in Zero Dark Thirty : "I just lost it "

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    Jessica Chastain has quickly become a seasoned actress in Hollywood, but she has never faced a challenge like her character in her...
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    Bret Easton Ellis says Kathryn Bigelow is overrated

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    Bret Easton Ellis, a writer whose heyday was the 1980s, inexplicably takes to Twitter to criticize director Kathryn Bigelow as...
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    N.Y. Film Critics Circle crowns 2012's best picture

    The New York Film Critics Circle has spoken! The group has unveiled its pick for the year's best film. It also awarded the top...
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    Trailer: Kathryn Bigelow's back with Zero Dark Thirty

    Kathryn Bigelow is tackling the war on terror. Her film, Zero Dark Thirty , introduces us to the brave souls who took down Osama...