1. Workouts

    Super funky yoga pants spotted at Wanderlust

    Funky pants for the win!
  2. Workouts

    My empowering experience with stand up paddleboard yoga

    I've taken some yoga classes, but I'm certainly no yogi. However, I'm always up for ways to make fitness fun. So, when I heard about...
  3. Well-being

    Photos on the scene at Wanderlust Yoga Festival

    Hip music, healthy food, funky fashion and lots of yoga!
  4. Workouts

    New yoga class fuses ballet and yoga for a killer core workout

    From the studio to the stage, combining the arts of yoga and ballet.
  5. Workouts

    What if an exercise mat could teach you yoga?

    How would a mat do that? With LED lights and high-tech sensors — that's how!
  6. Health & Wellness

    20-Minute yoga flow to freshen your day

    I developed this yoga flow when I was just one "namaste" shy of tossing my child out of the window on a road trip. You, too, can...
  7. Workouts

    3 Yoga poses for total-body toning

    Watch this video to try these three simple yoga poses that work your entire body.
  8. Workouts

    Turn your yoga practice on its head

    Learning to hold a headstand is a milestone in any yogi's practice. This how-to video will show you the basics you need to get...
  9. Living

    Everyday inspiration: Take a five-minute yoga break

    You may not have time for a daily yoga class, but did you know just five minutes of yoga can help calm your mind and refresh your...
  10. Workouts

    Quickie yoga routines for your hotel room with yoga guru Tara Stiles

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    Attention all jet-setters, world travelers and party-all-nighters — this one's for you!
  11. Tips & Advice

    The yoga dad takes on Father's Day

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    According to Brian Leaf, dads might not do it like Mom, but they get the job done. Find out what this parenting yogi has to say...
  12. Tips & Advice

    Q&A with Brian Leaf: The yoga dad

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    Brian Leaf has taught yoga for over 25 years. Find out how this Zen dad approaches parenting.
  13. Living

    Everyday inspiration: Go upside down

    Unless you practice yoga regularly, going upside down may sound a little strange or uncomfortable. We asked three women to take a...
  14. Workouts

    5 Yoga poses to improve your balance

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    Whether in the metaphorical or physical sense, achieving balance in life is something we all strive for...
  15. Workouts

    10 Embarrassing things that happen to you in yoga

    Yoga is so relaxing… you know, until you let one rip during downward dog or experience a wardrobe malfunction fit for celebrities....
  16. Health & Wellness

    The 7 chakras and how they contribute to your health

    Objects, living cells, plants and people all possess physical energy otherwise known as an aura (or energetic body). Just as someone...
  17. Workouts

    Activewear with built-in motivation

    What could be better than workout gear that gives you an extra kick in the rear?
  18. Workouts

    Yoga variations for side angle pose

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    Reach beyond your limits with these fun and challenging variations of extended side angle pose.
  19. Workouts

    10 Inspirational yoga quotes

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    Because a little inspiration goes a long way...
  20. Workouts

    Fundraisers that will have your heart and body feeling good

    Looking for a way to help others while having the time of your life? From fun with your girlfriends decorating bras to getting...