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    TRAILER: Past and present collide in X-Men: Days of Future Past

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    Undiscriminating robots threaten to destroy humankind unless mutants can unite.
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    TRAILER: The claws come out for X-Men: Days of Future Past

    Mutants are out in full force in the latest X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer. The video reveals the heroes' newest and most...
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    New X-Men: Days of Future Past teaser has us X-cited

    Fox is kicking off the new year with scenes from X-Men: Days of Future Past . The studio's teasing a major announcement for the...
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    First X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer is pretty sad

    It's been a long wait, but the first trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past is here. Unlike most superhero trailers, this one...
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    X-Men Days of Future Past gets Instagram sizzle reel

    X-Men Days of Future Past won't hit theaters until next summer, but we've got a taste of what's to come. On Instagram, 20th...
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    Bummer! Stan Lee won't appear in next X-Men sequel

    Stan Lee will miss out on one of next year's biggest Marvel movies. The comic book legend confirms he'll be visibly absent from...
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    Hugh Jackman denies $100 million X-Men payday

    Hugh Jackman can't be bought. The Australian actor's clearing the air about his rumored $100 million salary.
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    Hugh Jackman wants Wolverine to join The Avengers

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    Hugh Jackman is planning a superhero takeover. The actor wants Wolverine to join forces with his Marvel peers. Can you imagine him...
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    PHOTO: Jennifer Lawrence's hot bod for X-Men

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    Director Bryan Singer tweeted out a photo of actress Jennifer Lawrence in a close-fitting blue body suit for her upcoming role in...
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    First look at Halle Berry's new X-Men costume

    Halle Berry is a superhero diva. The Oscar-winning actress has returned for X-Men: Days of Future Past. Director Bryan Singer has...
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    Why is Hugh Jackman doing back-to-back X-Men movies?

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    How much of Wolverine can Hugh Jackman take? The actor's gearing up for another round of mutant action with X-Men: Days of Future...
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    Sir Ian McKellen to marry Patrick Stewart... sort of

    The actor is being a friend and and said he would be officiating at his Stewart's upcoming nuptials, but it won't be the first time.
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    Halle Berry confirms role in X-Men Days of Future Past

    Halle Berry has confirmed that she will play Storm in the upcoming X-Men Days of Future Past .
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    Confirmed! Hugh Jackman signs up for more X-Men

    X-Men fans, your prayers have been answered. Following his stint in The Wolverine, Hugh Jackman will return for X-Men: Days of...
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    Is Hugh Jackman up for the next X-Men ?

    Hugh Jackman's matchless charisma and flaring pecs went a long way toward making director Bryan Singer's 2000's X-Men and 2003's...
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    X-Men: Days of Future Past gets a cast

    The announcement of a new X-Men film was exciting enough, but now we know who will be in the film, thanks to Twitter.
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    Déjà vu? X-Men: First Class sequel lands familiar director

    Twentieth Century Fox has made a bold move. After losing the director for its X-Men sequel, Days of Future Past, it has rehired an...