wreck-it ralph

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    Indulge your 1980s nostalgia with new releases on DVD

    With the Red Dawn remake, that Red Box may give you a Red Scare and have you reminiscing about the Cold War. Even Wreck-It Ralph...
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    The Hobbit sets record weekend at the box office

    As if we didn't see it coming, the debut weekend for Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings prequel made a gigantic dent in the weekend...
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    Skyfall slays weekend box office

    Big surprise: James Bond and Skyfall smoke the competition.
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    Wreck-It Ralph dominates weekend box office

    Holiday movie season has officially hit theaters, with the premieres of Wreck-It Ralph and Flight setting the pace for a promising...
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    Wreck-It Ralph brings in almost $50 million over the weekend

    The Disney cartoon broke a record at the box office, and many are pointing to Hurricane Sandy as a reason for the high theater...
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    Wreck-It Ralph movie review: Q-Bert’s back!

    Ever wondered what happens to those video game characters when the game is over? This gem from Disney explores the hidden realm of...
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    Director Rich Moore brings arcade game characters to life in Wreck-It Ralph

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    Arcade game characters: They're more than what meets the eye.
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    Jane Lynch & Jack McBrayer make a comical duo in Wreck-It Ralph

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    An unlikely pair that works like a charm.
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    John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman are passionate about their characters in Wreck-It Ralph

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    The enthusiasm John and Sarah show for their characters translates beautifully on screen.
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    New clips: Disney's Wreck-It Ralph

    With a Nov. 2 release date looming just around the corner, die-hard Disney fans will be happy to get another inside glimpse at...
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    Hot trailer: John C. Reilly becomes Wreck-It Ralph

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    Funnyman John C. Reilly goes digital in Wreck-It Ralph as he voices the video game bad guy in search for a world where he can play...