1. Workouts

    Video: Thigh exercises you can do in front of the TV

    Toning doesn't have to be a chore. You can do these simple thigh exercises during your favorite show or even at work.
  2. Workouts

    Twerkout: The latest dance cardio workout

    What if you could take the fun of a nightclub and mix it with a kick ass cardio workout? Enter the Vixen Workout.
  3. Skincare

    Nasty workout habits that ruin your skin

    If there's ever a time to be extra cautious about what you touch and cleaning up after yourself, it's definitely at the gym. To...
  4. Workouts

    Activities so fun you’ll forget they’re exercise

    Getting up while it's still dark outside to make your 5 a.m. spin class can get a little redundant. And exhausting. Hit the snooze...
  5. Diet

    Easy ways for moms to fit in exercise

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    Moms don't always have time to exercise the conventional way. These tips help you fit in a workout while still getting everything...
  6. Diet

    How to train for the Hunger Games

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    Would you survive if the Hunger Games were real? This custom fitness challenge will work to improve your speed, agility, stamina and...
  7. Workouts

    Hunger Games fitness challenge: Strength and conditioning

    You can't survive the Quarter Quell without the strength and stamina to navigate the Hunger Games' many challenges. Developing...
  8. Workouts

    Hunger Games fitness challenge: Stamina and endurance

    There's no downtime when you're running, jumping, swimming and climbing your way to victory in the Hunger Games. Enhance your...
  9. Workouts

    Hunger Games fitness challenge: Agility and speed

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    Try jogging in a straight line through the Hunger Games arena and see how far that takes you. If that's your strategy, you might as...
  10. Workouts

    Hottest new workouts and whether they are really effective

    With so many new and emerging workouts out there, it can be hard to know which ones to try and which ones to skip. If you’re...
  11. Workouts

    The perky boob workout

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    While no one likes to talk about it, breasts don't stay perky forever. That's why we're sharing five effective moves to add to your...
  12. Workouts

    Mudderella: Why women are getting down and dirty

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    Move over, Tough Mudder; there's a new obstacle course event in town and it's just for the ladies. The brand-new event is an...
  13. Workouts

    Battle ropes for beginners

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    More and more gyms are introducing battle ropes into the mix as a way to blast fat and tone the entire body. Not sure what they are...
  14. Workouts

    New workout: Piloxing for powerful women

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    Longing for a high-energy workout that will pump up your confidence and give you a sleek, sexy and powerful physique? Viveca Jensen,...
  15. Workouts

    Water toning exercises

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    Have fun in the water while getting in shape. It’s easy to do and you don’t need a lot of equipment. Whether you’re at the gym, your...
  16. Workouts

    SheKnows' Strong Body Workout by Jennifer Cohen

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    Are you ready for swimsuit season? Get fit and toned with these helpful tips from fitness personality, author and body image...
  17. Workouts

    Beautiful back: 5 Moves to work your back muscles

    Get a beautiful back just in time for summer with these five no-nonsense workout moves.
  18. Workouts

    13 Workouts to try in 2013

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    Need some motivation to get moving? Switch up your routine with a new workout. With this list, you can try at least one new workout...
  19. Workouts

    Killer abs: Exercises for an amazing core

    Do these five crunch-free moves and get sexy, toned abs just in time for summer.
  20. Workouts

    Moksha: A new kind of hot yoga

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    If your favorite Bikram yoga class isn't meeting your mind-body needs, head over to a Moksha yoga studio. We talked with Moksha Yoga...