1. Beauty

    Two pageant women try to dispel beauty pageant stereotypes

    Pageants like Miss America, Miss Teen USA and Miss Universe have all helped women in their 20s gain recognition and sometimes...
  2. Workouts

    Super funky yoga pants spotted at Wanderlust

    Funky pants for the win!
  3. Workouts

    My empowering experience with stand up paddleboard yoga

    I've taken some yoga classes, but I'm certainly no yogi. However, I'm always up for ways to make fitness fun. So, when I heard about...
  4. Workouts

    How to stop peeing during your workouts

    I absolutely freaked out the first time it happened.
  5. Health & Wellness

    20-Minute yoga flow to freshen your day

    I developed this yoga flow when I was just one "namaste" shy of tossing my child out of the window on a road trip. You, too, can...
  6. Workouts

    Fun ways to lose your resolution weight

    So you resolved to lose weight this year, huh? Millions of people promised themselves the same thing. But what makes you different?...
  7. Workouts

    Zumba moves that make you feel like Beyoncé

    Bey. She runs the world. Channel your inner diva with these moves to help add some Beyoncé to your Zumba routine.
  8. Diet

    A busy gal's guide to staying toned

    Work, family, chores, soccer games — it's hard to find the time for a shower, let alone a workout, if you're a busy gal. Want to...
  9. Organic and Natural

    Tips for finding the perfect yoga studio

    Yoga studios are popping up everywhere and are popular destinations for those looking to reduce stress, gain flexibility or exercise...
  10. Skincare

    Summer's hottest tracks to work out to

    There's nothing better when working out than listening to a good song that kicks your energy level up a notch. Here are some of...
  11. Workouts

    5 Personalities that can sabotage your summer workout

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    Do you want to be fit and healthy but struggle with sticking to your workout program? Staying motivated can be a challenge,...
  12. Workouts

    Awesome arms: Moves that will sculpt your arms

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    Spring has sprung and summer is around the corner, so it's time to start thinking about getting tank-top ready! This quick 20-minute...
  13. Diet

    Exercise boosts brain memory

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    Two new studies shed light on how different types of exercise aid in cognitive function.
  14. Diet

    Mom swap: Ways to change up your gym routine

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    It's not easy to stay motivated to work out, and a boring gym routine makes it even more difficult. Change up your gym routine to...
  15. Workouts

    Perfect playlists for your favorite workout

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    When your current playlist runs dry and stale, a fresh crop of songs is all that's needed to bring new motivation to any type of...
  16. Workouts

    Slim without the gym: The 10-move home workout

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    Bored with your current gym routine? Ditch the gym and work out at home or at your local park. You'll get in better shape than ever...
  17. Workouts

    Pipe up: Best moves for bangin' arms

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    Now you have no excuse not to have the strong, sexy, toned arms you've always wanted. This five-move workout will get you bangin'...
  18. Workouts

    Raise the bar on your workout and burn more calories

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    Ever wish you could take a peek inside one of those ultra-swank personal training facilities for the rich and famous? Here’s...
  19. Workouts

    Post-workout beauty tips for hair and skin

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    It’s tricky to squeeze a trip to the gym into a hectic schedule. It’s even trickier not to look like you’ve been at the gym. Here...
  20. Tips & Advice

    With or without your kids: 9 Workouts that work for every mom

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    Stay fit, healthy and happy with these expert tips on managing motherhood and exercise.