working mom 3.0

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    Working Mom 3.0: Boost your income

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    Whether you breathe a sigh of relief when the first day of school arrives or find yourself wondering what to do with spare time,...
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    Working Mom 3.0: Leverage your skills

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    While pursuing a flexible career as a work-at-home mom can be a rewarding way to balance work and family, it also means walking away...
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    Working Mom 3.0: Live in the now

    When you’re a stay at home working mom, you're constantly doing, but there are huge benefits to taking time to stop, be present and...
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    Working Mom 3.0: Weekend warrior

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    Being a work-at-home mom is a great way to have it all--until weekends become all work and no play. In this issue of Working Mom...
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    Working Mom 3.0: Clear your mind and conquer

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    Summer can provide a well-needed break to kids, offering a reprieve from the normal routine and time to simply play, create and...
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    Working Mom 3.0: 3 Ways to benefit from failure

    Being a work at home mom involves devoting your heart, soul, energy and passion into a path marked by uncertainty. Small successes...
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    Working Mom 3.0: 3 Ways summer can boost home office productivity

    Forget New Year's resolutions! In this issue of Working Mom 3.0, writer and work-at-home mom Stephanie Taylor Christensen explores...
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    Working Mom 3.0: Managing the summer home office

    Unlike moms with obligations at the office, stay-at-home working moms have the freedom to enjoy summer pool days, library outings,...
  9. Finance

    Working Mom 3.0: Make your money work

    Becoming a stay-at-home working mom often means your financial situation changes, for better or worse. In this installment of...
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    Working Mom 3.0: One less thing

    Is overachieving leading you to undervalue your own health? In this issue of Working Mom 3.0, writer Stephanie Taylor Christensen...
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    Working Mom 3.0: Spring cleaning sanity savers

    Spring cleaning offers a way to feel more in control of your hurried life, and a sense of starting the new season with a lighter...
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    Working Mom 3.0: Eliminate distractions

    Are you addicted to social media and always connected to technology? You might be surprised by how much it's limiting your potential...
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    Working Mom 3.0: Are you stuck in a rut?

    Being a working mom creates a conundrum: We need routines to help us maximize efficiency, but there's always that chance that we're...
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    Working Mom 3.0: Simple skills that build your career

    Being a work-at-home mom presents networking challenges, but staying connected to potential business opportunities when you’re “off...
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    Working Mom 3.0: Get happy

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    What formula of work and family will truly make you happy? In this issue of Working Mom 3.0, Stephanie Taylor Christensen explores a...
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    Working Mom 3.0: Home office and the holidays

    Being a working mom in a traditional career sure isn’t easy, but when visitors, decorating, cooking, parties and shopping take over...
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    Working Mom 3.0: What worries you?

    Whether you're a working mom outside the home or a stay-at-home working mom -- the worries are similar. In this issue of Working Mom...
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    Working Mom 3.0: Career crossroads

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    Life is full of tough choices for working moms, and balancing work and family is far more than a numbers game. In this issue of...
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    Working Mom 3.0: Best places for working moms

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    Working moms get all kinds of unsolicited advice, like how to raise their kids, manage their careers and be a good wife. In this...
  20. Living

    Working Mom 3.0: Rekindle the romance

    You put your best foot forward when it comes to career, kids and clients, but in the stress of balancing work and family, romantic...