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  1. Super Moms Guide

    Work-at-home moms: Challenges and rewards

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    Moms who have left behind an outside-the-home job often find themselves needing to (or wanting to) bring in some extra income. We...
  2. Super Moms Guide: Time Management

    Work-at-home mom's guide to getting things done

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    Summer's over and the kids are headed back to school. Now it's time to make the most of your free time while they are away. Smart...
  3. Super Moms Guide: Money & Career

    Pursuing your dreams when you’re a stay-at-home mom

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    Staying at home with your children does not mean that you need to put your dreams and aspirations on hold until they are grown up....
  4. Time Management

    Working Mom 3.0: A variation on the Golden Rule

    Work-at-home moms do a lot for others — and often forget their own needs in the process. Yet, you can dramatically change the course...
  5. Career Advice

    Working Mom 3.0: Manage your resume

    You might assume that your need for a current resume is about as important as keeping your business wardrobe tailored and trendy...
  6. Career and Time Management

    Working Mom 3.0 Why you'll love a working vacation

    When you work full time for someone else, you often get a paid vacation, which means nothing but quality family time for the...
  7. Time Management

    Working Mom 3.0: Self care is not selfish

    Tending to your own wellness is critical to being the best work-at-home mom you can be. But who has time to be selfish about...
  8. Career Advice

    Working Mom 3.0: Secrets of a work at home mom

    Whether you're a working, stay-at-home, or work-at-home mom, the grass always seems greener on the other side. But is it really?...
  9. Career and Time Management

    A work-from-home mom's guide to basic branding

    Branding is a marketing concept that helps keep you in the public's mind and shows the unique "personality" of your business. We've...
  10. Career and Time Management

    How to become a virtual assistant

    Are you ready to enter the quickly-growing work-at-home workforce as a virtual assistant? Before you do, make sure you've got a firm...
  11. Career and Time Management

    What is a virtual assistant?

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    If you're looking for a work-from-home opportunity but think you have to be a writer or designer to do it, perhaps it's time to look...
  12. Living

    Telecommuting myths: Is it all it's cracked up to be?

    Many people dream of living the freelance lifestyle. A flexible schedule, more time with your family, more control over your life......
  13. Time Management

    Working Mom 3.0: Managing money woes

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    Though being a self-employed, work-at-home mom can be marked with uncertainty, there are steps you can take to make your financial...
  14. Career and Time Management

    How to set up a legal home business

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    If you're ready to start your own home-based business, you'll need to do several things to keep it legal. We've got the scoop on...
  15. Career Advice

    Working Mom 3.0: Expanding business — and family

    Balancing work and family when you're employed outside of the home is challenging enough, but how do you balance your career and...
  16. Career and Time Management

    How to start a newsletter for your home-based business

    An email newsletter is a great way to stay in touch with customers and keep them coming back. But it's not as simple as just sending...
  17. Time Management

    Working Mom 3.0: Recharge your life

    Taking time off to recharge is beneficial to your own spirit, creativity and relationships — but when you're programmed for an...
  18. Career Advice

    How to set pricing for your home-based business

    If you're working like a dog and still having trouble covering your expenses every month, much less having any money to splurge on...
  19. Time Management

    Working Mom 3.0: Spring clean for clarity

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    Spring cleaning is the perfect time to clear your home, home office (and mind), but how do you get it all done when you're a...
  20. Career Advice

    Do work-at-home moms really need websites?

    These days, it seems like your business doesn't exist if you aren't on the internet (which is a problem if you already need more...