women's issues

  1. Fashion & Style

    8 Fashionable accessories that spark social change

    Between sweat shops and blood diamonds, the fashion and beauty industries are notorious for social injustice. Buck the trend by...
  2. Living

    5 Influential women standing up for gender equality in the U.S.

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    We have come a long way in women's rights, but we still have quite a bit to do to reach full gender equality in the workplace....
  3. Living

    What a U.S. military prostitution ring tells us about workers' rights

    Sergeant First Class Gregory McQueen faces continued military court testimony about his role in recruiting young female soldiers...
  4. Tips & Advice

    Don't let menopause cause a divorce!

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    Women often find themselves divorced at the same time they're going through perimenopause and menopause. Why? Well, while there is...
  5. Sex

    5 Embarrassing sexual health issues

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    You aren't the only one who has experienced embarrassing sexual health issues. Vaginal discharge, pain during sex, urinary...