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    How to manage straight hair in windy weather

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    Windy air, whether hot or cold, can damage your hair. Or at the very least, it can ruin your hairstyle. If you are dealing with...
  2. Hair

    How to manage wavy hair in windy weather

    Wavy hair looks beautiful as it blows in the wind. But windy weather can leave your tresses brittle and damaged. Follow these...
  3. Hair

    How to manage curly hair in windy weather

    Windy weather can damage your hair or ruin a great hairstyle. But just because you live in windy climate, you don't have to end up...
  4. Hair

    How to manage frizzy hair in windy weather

    When the weather is windy, your frizzy hair can get even more frizzed out. The key to keeping your locks looking lovely is to make...