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    The Fault in Our Stars book vs. movie: 7 Tweaks

    While the movie is incredibly faithful to the beloved novel by John Green, there are a few omissions and differences.
  2. Television

    Shhh! Super-secret leaked Super Bowl ads

    Old people act like teenagers, Kate Upton washes a car, a white guy takes on a "hey mon!" Jamaican accent to cheer up his coworkers...
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    Indie flicks take the hotdog for Redbox rentals this weekend

    Indie flicks are all the rage on this Fourth of July weekend. With blockbusters in the theaters, spend some quiet time with...
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    Movie review: John Carter

    Based on Edgar Rice Burroughs’ ( Tarzan ) adventure stories, John Carter is a film full of visual delights. More of a Western than...
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    Special sneak: 10 minutes from John Carter

    The movie about an ex-Civil War soldier who is mysteriously transported to Mars shows audiences an extra long peek at the epic film...