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  1. Well-being

    9 Signs you're trying too hard to be perfect

    Here’s the thing about perfectionism: It’s a good thing, until it’s not. I consider myself to be a “recovering perfectionist,” in...
  2. Careers

    10 Fool-proof tips to becoming a happier person

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    The pursuit of happiness is different for everyone. But do you really need to wait until you land your dream job, start a family or...
  3. Children's Health

    What you can do to take care of you (when your little one is sick)

    Your child is sick, and it takes everything out of you just to care for your little one. But what about yourself? It's just as...
  4. New Year - Your Life

    Procrastinate less, tackle more

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    We all do it: We put off things we know we need to do, then stress and feel guilty about it later. Stop the cycle by putting an end...
  5. New Year - Your Life

    5 Resolutions for a happier you

    The end of the year is fast approaching, and it’s time to make resolutions that will start the new year off in the right direction....
  6. Living

    10 Sweet surprises to brighten your day

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    Ready to start each day with a spring in your step? Try these 10 sweet surprises to brighten your - or someone else's - day!
  7. Food How-Tos

    How to feel great after eating

    If you're tired of the afternoon slump or often feel like you need to unbutton your jeans and take a nap after eating, try some...
  8. Family Fun

    Make your kids smile

    Have you noticed how complicated life has gotten? Keeping up with the Joneses now involves enrolling your child in three different...