1. Television

    Up in smoke: Showtime cancels Weeds

    The end is near for Showtime's Weeds. This summer, the cable network will air the eighth and final season of the risqué series. It's...
  2. Outdoor Living

    Best tools for weeding a garden

      Weeding can be a drag, but having the right tools on hand can make all the difference. Here are 6 favorite weeding tools to help...
  3. Movies

    Michelle Trachtenberg missed out on Twilight fame

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    Michelle Trachtenberg says she came this close to nabbing the most coveted movie role of her generation: Bella in The Twilight Saga...
  4. Outdoor Living

    Handheld Weeders

    When ever you can remove weeds without bending over and straining your back, it's a good day. When you don't need to use toxic...
  5. Outdoor Living

    Foxtail and Dogs

    Foxtail is a grassy weed that usually goes unnoticed until it begins to produce seed heads in the summer. Although the weed on its...
  6. Television

    Weeds and The Big C return to Showtime Monday!

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    Showtime's Mary-Louise Parker and Laura Linney are back in primetime and no surprise, Nancy and Cathy are already getting into...
  7. Outdoor Living

    Controlling Crabgrass

    Crabgrass can take over quickly and make a beautiful lawn look messy and unkempt. When you notice crabgrass in your yard, take these...
  8. Outdoor Living

    Volunteer Plants

    Volunteer plants are an exciting surprise for gardeners. These plants grow without being planted, so they are always unexpected.
  9. Outdoor Living

    Poison Ivy

    As the weather warms up and we plan to spend more time outside, it's important to know what plants can be harmful. Although it's...
  10. Outdoor Living

    Kill Unwanted Grass

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    Grass has a tendency to grow in places where you don't want to see it, like in-between cracks in your walkway or rock landscaping....