1. Weddings

    Must-have items to add to your wedding registry

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    Registering for your wedding is making a wish list come to life.
  2. Weddings

    Royal wedding: My Little Pony gets hitched!

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    Move over, Kate Middleton! There's a new princess in town and she's getting married in major style!
  3. Weddings

    Bride-to-be's guide to email organization

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    This is the first and only article regarding email organization that you need to read.
  4. Living

    Do’s and don’ts for destination weddings

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    In comparison to traditional wedding ceremonies and receptions that typically take months to plan and cost tens of thousands of...
  5. Relationships

    Romance red flags to look out for before you say "I do"

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    In the movie Hitch , Will Smith states, “No woman wakes up saying, God, I hope I don't get swept off my feet today.” It’s so true....
  6. Dating

    Everyone is getting married but...YOU

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    You're happy with living your life as a single woman when the wedding invitations start rolling in. Every day someone is announcing...
  7. Cooking & Entertaining

    Bridal showers: Games are out, activities are in!

    If wedding shower games like “Bride Bingo” make you cringe, you’re not alone—we’re not big on them either. They’re a little cheesy,...
  8. Gifts

    Nontraditional Wedding Gifts

    Sometimes, when a bride and groom are older or they’ve already lived together for quite some time, they don’t really need the...
  9. Gifts

    Five Gift Ideas for “Girly” Brides

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    Sometimes the items listed on a couple’s wedding registry just don’t cut it. If the bride-to-be is especially near and dear to your...
  10. Toddler & Preschoolers

    How to prep your child for bridal party duties

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    Every couple wants a memorable wedding, but sometimes the inclusion of miniature brides, flower girls or ring bearers of a certain...
  11. Weddings

    Underwater wedding photos are having a moment (VIDEO)

    If you can hold your breath, you can get crazy-awesome underwater wedding photographs.
  12. Weddings

    I take thee, Mary Jane: Weed weddings are now a thing

    Many couples have that "thing" that brought them together and they celebrate it at the wedding. For a number of betrothed couples,...
  13. Weddings

    Pop-up weddings are a thing and the photos will make you smile

    Singing and dancing flash mobs have been delighting surprised onlookers (and sometimes surprised participants) for several years now...
  14. Weddings

    Terminally-ill groom fulfills his last wish in this heartbreaking video

    Rowden and Leizel planned to get married on July 8, 2014, but a terminal liver cancer diagnosis changed everything.