1. Weddings

    Man proposes with 1,001 wieners

    There's love... and then there's this romantic man who knows that the shortest path to a woman's heart is lined with savory hot dogs.
  2. Weddings

    One couple is selling sponsorships to pay for their wedding

    Let's face it: Weddings are ridiculously expensive. This couple is getting theirs for pennies, though, thanks to corporate America.
  3. Love

    Groom fakes death to avoid his wedding (VIDEO)

    Just months before they were scheduled to begin their lives together, Alex Lanchester got a heartbreaking call that her fiancé was...
  4. Weddings

    Tacky new wedding trend: Why newlyweds aren't sending thank yous

    Maybe I just have terrible friends, but I've noticed that fewer and fewer couples are sending out thank you cards for the wedding...
  5. Weddings

    Bride honors her late father with unforgettable walk down the aisle (VIDEO)

    Could this bird walk in your dad's shoes? When Jennifer Sullivan married the love of her life, it had been two years since her...
  6. Relationships

    Oregon couple married in a wildfire — Amazing wedding photos to show for it

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    Wedding preparations went smoothly for Oregon couple April and Michael Wolber, and once their wedding day arrived, it seemed that...
  7. Living

    10 Dresses you’ll want to wear to every summer wedding

    Summertime means it’s wedding season, and you’re going to need a killer summer dress to knock out all of the numerous joyous...
  8. Relationships

    The cool new way couples are getting married in Vegas

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    You can get married in Vegas in a number of ways, but if you're a runner, try a marriage-themed marathon for a change. These couples...
  9. Weddings

    10 Outrageous wedding receptions

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    If you’re stumped on what direction you want to take your upcoming wedding reception or ceremony, take inspiration from some of the...
  10. Weddings

    Man creates fiancée's dream wedding, thanks to Pinterest!

    Ryan Leak just earned the title of "best husband ever," and he only just got married! The Dallas man managed to plan a dream wedding...
  11. Weddings

    5 Wedding day hairstyles

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    Picking out the perfect hairdo for your big day can be utterly overwhelming. With so many styles to choose from and so many friends...
  12. Weddings

    4 Things you should never say to a bride

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    Your friend shows you a picture of her wedding dress and you hate it. In fact, “hate” isn’t a strong enough word. You loathe it with...
  13. Weddings

    Wedding day emergency printable checklist

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    Painful blisters, kissed-away foundation, oily hair — the possibilities for wedding day mishaps are endless. By using our printable...
  14. Weddings

    How to give back on your wedding day

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    Sometimes it can seem like weddings are all about dressing up, looking glam and getting gifts. But if there’s a cause that’s close...
  15. Weddings

    Easter-fy your wedding day

    It's officially Easter season! So in the spirit of chocolate and bunnies (and of course the true meaning of Easter), why not...
  16. Weddings

    5 Ways to show your bridesmaids the love

    Valentine’s Day. It’s all about celebrating the people you love, right? Aside from your man, what about your faithful bridesmaids?...
  17. Weddings

    Amp up the romance: Make it a Valentine's Day wedding

    Getting hitched on Valentine's Day is all about fun and spontaneity. If you're looking to get married, it could be ideal, simply...
  18. Weddings

    Can you afford to be a bridesmaid?

    Sure, it's romantic and an honor and all that jazz -- but when your bestie asks you to stand next to her as she recites her vows,...
  19. Weddings

    Must-have items to add to your wedding registry

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    Registering for your wedding is making a wish list come to life.
  20. Weddings

    Royal wedding: My Little Pony gets hitched!

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    Move over, Kate Middleton! There's a new princess in town and she's getting married in major style!