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    How to turn your Pinterest into your wedding registry

    With its smorgasbord of beautiful images to browse through, Pinterest is becoming a popular tool among women in the midst of wedding...
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    Are you marrying a groomzilla?

    Here at MyRegistry, seeing an iPad or other fun tech related items on a bridal registry is nothing new. However, once the power...
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    Must-have items to add to your wedding registry

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    Registering for your wedding is making a wish list come to life.
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    Wackiest wedding registries

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    Combing through a bride and groom's wedding registry is like peeking into their bedroom: It feels a little voyeuristic, but the...
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    Tips for simplifying the wedding registry process

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    Let’s face it: Planning your wedding is stressful. Even when creating your registry, the endless gift possibilities can be just as...