1. Weddings

    How much your wedding photographer should cost

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    When the cake is cut and the dress has been worn, one thing remains forever after the wedding (besides love, of course): the photos.
  2. Weddings

    Including stepchildren in wedding planning

    In real life, merging two families may not always be as seamless as The Brady Bunch .
  3. Weddings

    Adding manly flair to your wedding

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    Your husband-to-be may not care about creating floral arrangements or picking the perfect invitation font, but there’s a good chance...
  4. Weddings

    Pros and cons of a long engagement

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    School, money, military leave, job relocation, illness — sometimes life can get in the way of the big day.
  5. Weddings

    DIY wedding hairpiece

    If you're still experiencing sticker shock after buying your wedding dress, making your own hairpiece might ease the pain.
  6. Weddings

    How to support breast cancer awareness with your wedding

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    Brides Against Breast Cancer is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising money and awareness for breast cancer. If you're a...
  7. Weddings

    Tips on adding something blue to your wedding

    Bored with the usual “something blue” ideas? Liven up your big day with these new blue ideas.
  8. Travel

    Perfect "mini-moon" destinations

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    If you and hubby don't have time to take a ten day honeymoon right after the wedding, why not plan for a long weekend mini-moon?...
  9. Weddings

    Signature wedding cocktails for every type of girl

    Congrats! You're getting married. And even if alcohol is the very last thing on your mind right now, we're big believers in serving...
  10. Weddings

    How to be a bridezilla in 5 easy steps

    Congratulations! You're engaged! Now that you're a bride-to-be, you're the center of the universe! Everyone's universe. Follow these...
  11. Love & Relationships How-tos

    How to turn your backyard into a wedding venue

    Transform your backyard into the ultimate dream wedding space.
  12. Workouts

    Shedding for the wedding: Your workout timeline

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    Ready to get in shape for your wedding day? The key is to make a plan you'll enjoy and stick to it! Here, we share workout timelines...
  13. How-To

    How to become an ordained minister

    I bet you thought the day would never come where you would be bonding two people together in holy matrimony. Well, that time has...
  14. Weddings

    Weight, what? Your wedding dress doesn't fit?

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    You can have as many fittings as you want, technically speaking, but at some point, the weight fluctuation has to stop and your...
  15. Travel

    Top spots around the world for a destination wedding

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    If you're thinking about a destination wedding, we don't want you to settle for just any old stretch of sand. We're sharing our...
  16. Love & Relationships How-tos

    How to be the perfect maid of honor

    Appointed maid of honor for a wedding and scared out of your mind? Don’t worry; we’ve been to enough weddings to master the key to...
  17. Weddings

    Poll results: What do women think about marriage today?

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    Do the traditional opinions on marriage still hold true in the modern world? We polled our readers to help us determine what's true...
  18. Weddings

    The social media bride explained

    It has finally happened. Social media has crept its way into the modern wedding process. David's Bridal found that the 2013 bride...
  19. Healthy Recipes

    What to eat on your wedding day

    The day has finally arrived. After months (or years!) of planning, your wedding day is here! As vital as healthy eating has been...
  20. Weddings

    Got stepparents? Make your wedding festivities less awkward

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    A wedding should be about the bride and her groom. But somehow it’s never that simple – especially when stepparents are involved....