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    Hot Valentine's Day hair

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    Do you have a Valentine’s Day date with a new man? Or are you looking to spice up the night with your longtime lover? We consulted...
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    Hottest holiday hairstyle trends

    For holiday parties, special dates and other seasonal events, do something a little different with your hair. Try one of the hottest...
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    How to manage wavy hair in wet weather

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    Rainy weather can put a big damper on your hairstyle. Though your first inclination might be just to pull your hair in a ponytail...
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    How to manage wavy hair in humid weather

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    Your beautiful, wavy hair can become wild and unmanageable in humid weather. But don't resign to covering up with a hat quite yet....
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    How to manage wavy hair in windy weather

    Wavy hair looks beautiful as it blows in the wind. But windy weather can leave your tresses brittle and damaged. Follow these...
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    How to manage wavy hair in dry weather

    When the weather is dry, your soft, silky waves may lose their luster. To restore and manage your wavy hair in arid conditions,...