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    Warner Bros. plans Space Jam 2 , but who will star?

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    What do you get when you mix basketball and cartoon legends? Space Jam . Warner Bros. is producing a sequel to the family-friendly...
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    Director John Landis rips studios, calls them pirates

    John Landis is calling Hollywood out. The veteran director reveals that a creative drought is the real reason the film industry is...
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    Get your Old Hollywood fix with Warner Archive

    Go back in time with Warner Archive Instant. The online streaming service allows you to watch iconic titles from Hollywood's golden...
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    Will there be a prequel to The Shining ?

    As the book reaches its 35th anniversary, there is talk there may be more parts to the story.
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    Gangster Squad to re-shoot movie theater scene

    After the tragic shooting at a Colorado movie theater, The Dark Knight Rises' studio has decided to change the story for their...
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    Studios band together to withhold box office numbers

    After Warner Bros. announced it would not be releasing their numbers, the other studios have one-by-one, announced they would...
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    What's Charlie Sheen's deal with Warner Bros?

    Charlie Sheen has certainly been making amends on shows from Late Night with Jay Leno to Today and the Emmys. On the heels of his...
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    Box Office: Warner Bros International hits $2 billion

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    Thanks to blockbusters like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 and Hangover 2 , Warner Bros. has hit the $2 billion...
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    Warner Bros. to Charlie Sheen: You're lying!

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    Charlie Sheen said that he's in talks to rejoin his hit sitcom Two and a Half Men. Should we believe him? Warner Bros. says Sheen...
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    Facebook offering movie rentals

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    Are your Facebook friends not entertaining enough? Farmville and Mafia Wars not keeping you distracted enough from work? Well, now...