vodka recipes

  1. Drink Recipes

    An entire watermelon filled with vodka? Yes, please!

    For your next summer barbecue, turn a watermelon into an adults-only dessert by filling it with vodka. Or chop up the fruit, and...
  2. Drink Recipes

    Pop Rocks Jell-O shots are the most fun 4th of July cocktail ever

    You remember Pop Rocks — I know you do. Those delicious little candies that would pop, crackle and crunch as soon as they hit your...
  3. Drink Recipes

    VIDEO: DIY limoncello recipe

    This Italian favorite will taste even sweeter when it's made in your kitchen.
  4. Drink Recipes

    3 Bourbon Street-worthy Mardi Gras cocktails

    Mardi Gras isn't a party without a few good cocktail recipes. These recipes are packed full of delicious flavor and perfect for your...
  5. Cooking & Entertaining

    Christmas tree Jell-O shots

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    Want a fun and festive adult treat for your holiday party? These Christmas tree Jell-O shots are sure to be the star of any...
  6. Drink Recipes

    Pomapple martini

    Make this deliciously sweet-tart pomegranate and pineapple martini your signature cocktail for the holidays.
  7. Drink Recipes

    Mixed berry vodka spritzers

    Add a little sparkle to your cocktail party with gorgeous mixed berry vodka spritzers.
  8. Drink Recipes

    4 Fabulous Emmy party cocktails

    Feel like a star while you sip on these glamorous Effen Vodka cocktails that are perfect for your Emmy-viewing bash.
  9. Drink Recipes

    Sexy lemonade punch cocktail

    Hot weather calls for a hot drink like this sexy lemonade punch! Give your typical lemonade skills a kick with vodka, triple sec and...
  10. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Chicken pomodoro with vodka cream sauce

    Simple pan-seared chicken breasts topped with tomatoes and vodka cream sauce make this easy meal impressive enough for company.
  11. Cooking & Entertaining

    Vodka cocktails for the Fourth of July

    Sip in style this Independence Day with one of these patriotic cocktails.
  12. Drink Recipes

    Mahana cocktail

    Picture yourself in paradise as you sip a mahana cocktail. If you like pina coladas, you’ll love this tropical refresher.
  13. Drink Recipes

    Skinny cocktails for bikini season

    Summer is about kicking back and enjoying the sunshine and a refreshing beverage. But don't worry about your waistline while doing...
  14. Drink Recipes

    Adult vodka lemonade juice pouch

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    It's almost Memorial Day and that means lots of barbecues and pool parties. Here we share this fun and easy drink recipe for adults...
  15. Drink Recipes

    3 Watermelon vodka cocktails

    There's nothing more refreshing than a cool slice of watermelon — except maybe a watermelon cocktail! Get your fill of the sweet,...
  16. Drink Recipes

    5 Fruity Valentine's Day cocktail recipes

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    Looking for a delicious way to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Pucker Vodka has you covered with five fun, flirty and fruity cocktails!
  17. Drink Recipes

    Fun and fruity New Year's Eve cocktails

    Ring in the new year with fruit-infused sparkling cocktails and toast the ones you love. What better reason than for auld lang syne?
  18. Drink Recipes

    Cocktails inspired by The Hobbit

    While hobbits are typically known for favoring their ales and meads, might we suggest that you try something a little more...
  19. Drink Recipes

    Election Day Jolly Rancher-infused cocktail shooters

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    While you’re watching the results of the presidential election come in on Nov. 6, these Jolly Rancher-infused vodka shooters are the...
  20. Drink Recipes

    5 Skinny fall cocktails

    Usually fall and winter are when we pack on the pounds. Avoid that this season with these skinny cocktail recipes, perfect for your...