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    EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Vince Vaughn's kids collide in Delivery Man

    In Delivery Man , Vince Vaughn's got something to hide. He secretly tries to parent a group of adult children he never knew he had.
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    INTERVIEW: Delivery Man cast on how being parents affected their roles

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    Some movies are worth the trip to the theater. Some movies bring ideas, great characters and lessons to be learned. Delivery Man...
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    INTERVIEW: Britt Robertson grunges-down in Delivery Man

    You may know Britt Robertson from TV’s Under The Dome . Now she’s starring in a new film as Vince Vaughn’s daughter and discovers...
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    INTERVIEW: Cobie Smulders gets tough in Delivery Man

    Cobie Smulders tackles the role of a New York City cop who gets pregnant by her loser boyfriend. SheKnows sat down with Cobie to...
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    INTERVIEW: Chris Pratt gained 60 pounds for Delivery Man

    Chris Pratt packed on the pounds for his role in this new film that also stars Vince Vaughn. How'd he do it? He claims 25 pounds was...
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    INTERVIEW: Vince Vaughn dispatches on Delivery Man

    Beloved funnyman Vince Vaughn plays David Wozniak in this new film about a man who discovers his sperm was incredibly popular at a...
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    VIDEOS: Jennifer Aniston breaks the good-girl mold

    For years we thought of Jennifer Aniston as the mostly-good-girl Rachel from Friends . Sure, “Rachel” wore plastic nipples in her...
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    Vince Vaughn becomes an insta-dad in Delivery Man

    Vince Vaughn turns a negative into a positive in the Delivery Man trailer. The actor headlines the comedy, in which his character...
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    The Purge : Movies worth sitting in a theater for this weekend

    Much of the country waits all year for the dog days of summer and it takes a theatrical miracle (otherwise known as a “summer...
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    The Internship movie review: Do no evil

    Hollywood loves its bromance with popular brands, particularly when a product pays to be shown in a movie. But Google claims it...
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    Battle of the flicks: The Internship vs. Much Ado About Nothing

    One of America's funniest comedy duos is back, only instead of crashing weddings, they're interning at Google. But Vince Vaughn and...
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    The Internship : Trailer, cast and more

    In The Internship , Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson prove you're never too old to learn. The former wedding crashers set their sights...
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    Vince Vaughn gets bad news in Delivery Man teaser

    Vince Vaughn gets some life-altering news in Delivery Man . In the teaser trailer, he learns that he's a father to a ridiculous...
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    Sandra Bullock & other actors who play the same characters

    Do you ever get a sense of déjà vu while watching movies? Don’t worry — you aren’t going crazy. The following actors keep hitting...
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    Kevin Hart isn't alone: 7 other celeb mug shots

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    It was no laughing matter on Saturday when Los Angeles traffic police arrested comedian and actor Kevin Hart on suspicion of drunken...
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    Who else should join Will Ferrell as an MTV Comedic Genius?

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    Will Ferrell is winning a richly deserved MTV Movie award for Comedic Genius. Bravo! After all, where would our lives be without Ron...
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    Vaughn and Wilson can't hack Google in The Internship

    Famous wedding crashers Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn have signed up for The Internship . It's a fish-out-of-water comedy that takes...
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    Brave scores top DVD release

    Her name is Merida, and although she may have chosen her own path through Scotland, she managed to find her way into our number-one...
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    Favorite Chicago celebrities, past and present

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    Numerous actors and television personalities are from or have been based out of the Windy City. These famous faces have called...
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    Vince Vaughn plans a very Brady reboot

    The Brady Bunch is coming back to TV. The family comedy that ran from 1969-1974 is getting a revival on CBS. Who's bringing the...