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    Top 10 heartthrobs of this summer's blockbusters

    Ladies, it’s going to be a scorcher this summer, and we’re not talking about the temp outside. We’re talking about the temp inside...
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    Vin Diesel hints at Fast & Furious 7

    It looks like studio execs are thinking Fast .
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    Vin Diesel shows his softer side by singing Rihanna's "Stay"

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    He's muscular, he's an action star, and he sings? Vin Diesel shows his romantic side with a little help from Rihanna.
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    Watch an extended first look at Fast & Furious 6

    Brian and Dom are back in action. The duo has returned for Fast & Furious 6 , where they'll put their skills to the ultimate test....
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    Fast and Furious 6 plot details finally revealed

    Ready for another dose of high-octane action? This May, Universal Pictures will release Fast and Furious 6. It's the new sequel in...
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    Mark Wahlberg in Ted : When action stars flex their comic chops

    We're used to our beefy action hero actors breaking bones... not tickling funny bones. Out-of-character forays into comedy and...
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    Confirmed: Fast and Furious 6 and 7 are coming

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    The Fast and Furious franchise will be back for a sixth and seventh installment -- and one of its biggest stars will be returning,...
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    Why is Vin Diesel getting Hollywood star before Leonardo DiCaprio?

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    The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce released a list of the celebrities that will receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2012,...
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    Fast Five movie review

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    Fast Five is about to open the summer movie season. Does it start with a bang or a fizzle? Oh, we are definitely going with...