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    Official On the Road poster debut

    Road-trippers, vagabonds, beat kids, writers, drinkers and thinkers: Jack Kerouac's On the Road is nearly here! Today, we get to...
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    Is Kristen Stewart a wild child like her new movie role?

    Is art imitating life in Kristen Stewart’s newest movie On the Road? She plays wild child Marylou who's looking for nothing but a...
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    Kristen Stewart confirmed to play Snow White

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    The rumors can be put to rest -- sort of. Kristen Stewart was recently confirmed to be playing Snow White in the movie Snow White...
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    Viggo Mortensen hits The Road

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    Viggo Mortensen, to many of his female fans is a gorgeous "man's man" who will always be the dreamy Aragorn in Peter Jackson's Lord...