1. Pets & Animals

    Adorable Bengal kitten loves sliding on wood floors (VIDEO)

    This kitten is having a blast while acting as a totally efficient (and adorable) broom to clean the floor.
  2. Pets & Animals

    Watching cats eat cupcakes is ridiculously entertaining

    We know that dogs will pretty much eat anything and everything, but did you know that there are cats out there that have a sweet...
  3. Pets & Animals

    Cats and citrus: Don't miss this hilarious combo

    Ever wonder where the term "sour puss" came from? These kitties will give you the answer with their hilarious reactions to citrus...
  4. Living

    Instructor shot by 9-year-old girl in tragic gun accident (VIDEO)

    This is heartbreaking. A 39-year-old instructor, teaching a 9-year-old girl how to fire an Uzi, was accidentally shot and killed...
  5. Living

    Woman narrowly escapes after driving her car off a bridge

    Talk about lucky! Could you imagine seeing your life flash before your eyes in this situation? You will not believe what saved this...
  6. Living

    "Worst Ad Ever" is so bad it's almost good

    OK, so maybe it's just not good at all.
  7. Music

    'Lion King' cast bursts into song on NYC subway

    These days, it's not odd to see some sort of flash mob on the subway, especially in New York City.
  8. Pregnancy and Baby

    That face! Baby girl rocks out to Katy Perry

    You know that moment when you're in the club [the car], dancing with your girls [mainlining your morning coffee] and your favorite...
  9. Music

    10 Music festival fails, as documented on YouTube

    Music festivals are the perfect storm for epic fails. We rounded up the most hilarious and epic music festival fails as documented...
  10. Music

    VIDEO: Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" on beer bottles

    Bottle Boys perform Michael Jackson's iconic single "Billie Jean" to perfection by blowing into beer bottles.
  11. Living

    Graduation speeches that even post-grads will be inspired by

    Learning is a lifelong process... it doesn't stop as soon as you doff your cap and gown. We've culled a few rousing commencement...
  12. Pets & Animals

    Up past bedtime: 6 Adorable sleepy animals

    Need a break from the chaos of your day? These six sleepy cutie-pies will brighten your day, and all six are totally safe for work!
  13. SheKnows TV: City Guide

    Tips for creating memorable baby videos

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    We don't have to capture every waking moment to create a truly memorable baby video.
  14. K-12

    Girl Scout calls for boycott over inclusion of transgender child

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    A 14-year-old Girl Scout from California is calling for a nationwide boycott of Girl Scout Cookies over the inclusion of a...
  15. K-12

    KidZui: Making the internet kid-friendly

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    The internet can be a dangerous place for your kids. From malware and viruses to cyberbullies and sexual predators, you never know...
  16. Music

    Glee's Heather Morris dancing video hotness

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    Glee star Heather Morris has turned up the heat on the Internet by shaking all she's got to Esquire 's '50 Songs Every Man Should...
  17. Family Fun

    5 Funny baby and kid videos we love

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    Who doesn't love a guaranteed-to-make-you-laugh video? You're in luck because we've scouted out five of our favorite funny baby and...
  18. Letter from the Editor

    An open letter to Beyonce Knowles

    Dear Beyonce, You’ve rocked our world with Single Ladies . From your signature and unmistakable dance moves, to your hairstyle, to...