1. Family Fun

    Take it or leave it? Best times to grab your video camera

    A video camera is great to have -- you'll find that some moments just can’t be captured with photos. But sometimes, your video...
  2. Family Fun

    Transferring videos to your home computer

    Preserve your precious memories so you can share them for generations to come. Learn the basics on how to transfer your family home...
  3. Family Fun

    Real moms share: How I preserve my family memories

    Babies aren’t babies forever. They grow up quickly, and as much as you think you can hold on to every memory, some will start to...
  4. Living

    Editing your videos: Getting started

    Got video? With the ease of taking video footage on camcorders and even point and shoot cameras today, many people are capturing...
  5. Living

    Advice on shooting video with your point and shoot camera

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    Point-and-shoot cameras have come a long way from the days of 110 film, when taking photos involved hitting the photo button and...