1. Food & Recipes

    Kid-friendly dinner options that are healthy, too

    Dinner time. The thought can sometimes chill me to the bone. It's the daily battle that I cannot escape as a mom. Every night it's...
  2. Food & Recipes

    My secret weapon in the toddler vs. veggies battle

    Like most typical 2-year-olds, my daughter has an aversion to all things healthy. The girl can eat popcorn and cookies at a...
  3. Food & Recipes

    Homemade chips you won't feel bad about eating

    Chips don't have to be junk food. In fact, these homemade chips are veggie packed and make the perfect healthy snack. Make up a...
  4. Outdoor Living

    Learn to propagate tomato plants to get more produce for free

    Tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables to grow in the garden. A great way to extend your tomato harvest is to propagate...
  5. Food & Recipes

    Get the most from your summer veggies with these insanely good recipes

    Green-friendly recipes from QVC's resident foodie and best-selling cookbook author David Venable.
  6. Food & Recipes

    8 Fruits and veggies you should stock up on in the summertime

    Paparazzi, get your cameras ready. There is a new crop of stars on the rise. No, it is not the young Kardashian sisters. It's (drum...
  7. Healthy Recipes

    Lose the cob... It's all about corn fritters

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    Fresh corn and jalapeños are transformed into crispy little fritters with a spicy kick. Try dipping these tasty bites into the...
  8. Diet

    8 Reasons to love a plate of colorful veggies

    Don't let your tableware serve as the only pop of color when dinner rolls around. The vibrant colors of fresh fruits and vegetables...
  9. Health & Wellness

    10 Instagram accounts that make healthy look delicious

    Your Instagram may be the key to a healthier lifestyle. Check out these users who are here to kick healthy into its followers.
  10. Diet

    Annual Dirty Dozen list calls out fruits and veggies with the most pesticides

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    Apples, avocados, oranges and kale. Which are high in pesticide residue and which have less? The Environmental Working Group spells...
  11. Makeup

    7 Foods to keep skin lively and glowing

    Experts say what you put in your belly can have a direct effect on your complexion. So next time you're at the grocery store, make...
  12. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Individual vegetable-packed meatloaves

    If your kids don't like vegetables, this dish is for them! Tons of vegetables are chopped into the meatloaf to make a healthy and...
  13. Cooking & Entertaining

    In a pickle: What to do with overcooked veggies

    It can be hard to tell when vegetables are fully cooked. If you overcook them — as we all have or will at least once in our lives —...
  14. Living

    Best apps for the iPhone: Spring gardening apps

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    Don't worry if you are new to gardening or don't have a green thumb, these apps will tell you everything you need to know to create...
  15. Outdoor Living

    5 Veggies that will help you stay healthy

    Mom was right. Eating your vegetables will keep you strong and healthy. See which ones you should be eating to help ward off...
  16. Outdoor Living

    Are grafted veggies the 'it plant' of 2013?

    Recently interest in grafted vegetables has skyrocketed making us wonder if it's expected to be the hottest gardening trend this year. 
  17. Cooking & Entertaining

    In a pickle: How to prevent fruits and veggies from rotting

    There are few things worse than stocking up on fruits and veggies only to have them spoil before you can enjoy them. Start making...
  18. Outdoor Living

    Lightlife video has farm made of veggies

    Lightlife, know for their vegetarian and vegan products, has produced a creative new video that shows a farm made from vegetables!...
  19. Outdoor Living

    Plan and grow a fall vegetable garden

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    Just because the temps are cooler and the winter holidays are around the corner doesn't mean you have to put away your garden tools....
  20. Outdoor Living

    Grow lettuce in your cool-season garden

    One of the easiest vegetables to grow, lettuce is a cool-weather crop that will keep you eating fresh homemade salads well into fall.