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    No-fuss snacks for vegans on the go

    Whether you're in the throes of holiday shopping or waiting for the next leg of a cross-country flight, certified nutritionist...
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    New vegan product: Snack Bites

    You've already shoved a few too many holiday cookies in your mouth but despite the empty calories, you can't help but crave sweet...
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    Eco-friendly trail mix that gives back

    Every bag of goodies from SunRidge Farms is a yummy bunch of healthy, organic nuts, fruits, and naturally sweet treats. However,...
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    Power foods for Black Friday shopping

    Black Friday is both shopping adventure and (sometimes contact) sport. To keep you on top of your shopping game, fill up on the...
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    New organic smoothie mix: Williams-Sonoma Smoothies

    With all the power shopping you have planned this holiday season, you need a convenient and healthy option for breakfast or a...
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    3 Ways you can stress less at work

    Sitting at a desk all day is stressful enough (our bodies were made for moving), but add snarky co-workers, deadlines, and too much...
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    New vegan product: Ginnybakes Love and Nuts Bar

    If you're looking for a great tasting gluten-free vegan nutrition bar, sink your teeth into the new Ginnybakes Love and Nuts Bar.
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    New vegan drink: Chia\Vie Smoothies

    Wouldn't you love to be able to sip a beverage that is as nutritious as eating fruit and delivers a whopping dose of omega-3 fatty...
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    Masala Pop Indian-Spiced Popcorn is amazing

    Giant tins of popcorn are a common holiday gift, but can be the wrong gift for a vegan because of the cheese and other...
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    Vegan foods that make you feel good

    Though a food product is labeled as a vegan-friendly eat does not guarantee that once you eat it, it will make you feel good. But...
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    4 Vegan nutrition bars we love

    A vegan cannot live on nutrition bars alone, but having these healthy snacks within reach when your tummy starts growling or your...
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    Fun vegan food finds for fall

    As you're gearing up for back to school or back to work, stock up on these fun, healthy, and delicious vegan food finds for fall.
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    New frozen desserts for part-time vegans

    Whether you're a vegetarian or a part-time vegan who loves better-for-you frozen desserts, you'll find spoonful upon spoonful of...
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    Isabella's Cookie Company has vegan cookies for you

    If your vegan cookie baking skills are leaving your sweet tooth unsatisfied, take a break from trying recipe after recipe and take a...
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    3 Store-bought vegan granolas we love

    Granola is a universally loved breakfast food, healthy snack, and topping for dessert. We can't get enough of it and love making our...
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    4 Yummy vegan lunchbox finds

    If you're looking for some new vegan foods to add variety to your midday meal, try these fun vegan food finds, which if combined...
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    5 Yummy vegan snack finds

    Who has time to make every one of their snacks from scratch? Not us, so we went on a vegan snack seeking mission to find a few tasty...
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    Fun vegan food finds for the holidays

    Whether you need some holiday cooking inspiration, snack ideas for guests, or you're always on the lookout for fun vegan foods to...
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    Vegan nutrition bar PROBAR is GMO-free

    Finding a vegan nutrition bar that tastes good can be an effort, and finding one that is GMO-free can prove even more challenging....
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    Cucumber Hummus Bites

    Hungry for a refreshing snack that keeps you satisfied until dinner? Try these hummus-topped cucumber bites.